Bringing a pup home …

Bringing a new life home is not only about going to a vet and having a pup. It requires a lot more than a desire to have a pup. Think and plan beforehand.
Here are some to do list when you plan to have a pet

1. Fore most is to analyze your house. If you live in an apartment with not much of open space, then don’t go for big breeds like germanshepard,st.bernard etc.big breeds need lots of space because they have their own body odor

2. Second thing is to see your daily routine. Dogs need daily walks and exercise. Big breeds specially, they need lots of exercise or they tend to become lethargic. So before getting a pup home think of this aspect too.

3. If you have elderly or/and children at home go for friendly breeds like retrievers and spaniels. Also prefer having bitch because females are more loving, caring and sober in nature as compared to their male counterparts.